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Why SPF Is Your Best Anti-Ageing Product

Updated: May 20, 2019

Incorporating the use of a daily broad-spectrum SPF into your skincare routine is a crucial step in preventing the signs of ageing. Damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays transmitted from the sun are absorbed by the skin and over time repeated exposure can cause premature fine lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity and pigmentation.

SPF is your best anti-ageing product | Leblon Clinic, Newcastle NSW

Australian's are ageing faster A recent study has found that Australian women are reporting seeing signs of ageing up to twenty years earlier than their US counterparts. This news is shocking, but hardly unbelievable since it has been found that Australian's are exposed to higher levels of UV radiation than those who live in more temperate, northern climates. This coupled with the typically active outdoor lifestyle and our nationwide love for the beach positions Aussies to sustain higher levels of sun damage over a lifetime.

There's nothing glam about a real tan

Prolonged sun exposure triggers increased melanin production in the skin which is essentially a defence mechanism against harmful UV rays. The skin darkens in an attempt to block further UV penetration. While having a glowing, natural tan is seen as the epitome of health and beauty nowadays, the long-term negatives seriously outweigh the short-term positives.

Tanned skin provides a sun protection factor (SPF) of two to four, while the absolute minimum recommended SPF is 15 (and even then you should always strive for 30 to 50 SPF). The effects of prolonged UV exposure may not show on your skin until many years after the initial exposure, which is why wearing SPF at all ages is a smart anti-ageing move. And besides, who needs a real tan when we have so many amazing fake tan alternatives these days?

SPF all day, every day

Now you're convinced SPF is a must in anyone's daily self-care routine, which one do you choose? There are a plethora of SPF products on the market catering to a variety of needs. There are two main types though - chemical and physical. A chemical SPF sinks into the skin to absorb UV radiation before it can penetrate further, while a physical (or mineral) SPF creates a barrier on the skin that prevents UV penetration.

Which ever SPF you choose, it's important at any age to incorporate it into your daily skincare routine to ensure you can preserve the look and texture of your skin for years to come. Once extensive sun damage occurs, it's difficult to completely reverse its effects. Dark and medium skin tones are not exempt from the sun's damage either - prolonged UV exposure can cause pigmentation and premature ageing.

We recommend Skinstitut Age Defense SPF 50+ ($45) as an every day face and body sunscreen. It has been developed for use on all skin types and is 2 hours water resistant.

It is perfect to wear underneath makeup. It's also broad spectrum, so it's going to be blocking both UVA and UVB rays. No sunburn or premature ageing happening around here with this SPF!

You can purchase Skinstitut Age Defense 50+ in clinic at Leblon.



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